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FortressONE Case Studies

A recent example of a Fortress Solutions Self-Support customer arose when an OEM raised the CTAC pricing on a legacy platform.  The series of product lines that required CTAC support were over a decade old and included a collection of acquired platforms from the OEM’s history of acquisitions.  The OEM had to raise the price of the CTAC service as the product was dated and they preferred that the customer move onto newer OEM products.  The carrier customer had no intent of replacing this critical set of legacy products and needed a lower-cost and longer-term solution.  Fortress Solutions was asked to provide full support for all of the carrier customer’s legacy product lines and the program has exceeded our customer’s expectations.

A second customer case example revolves around a newer Cisco and Juniper core router products.  As telecom carriers increase efficiency within their financial models, balance sheets and capital expenses are thoroughly scrutinized.  These financial pressures must be counter-balanced with the needs of the carrier networks themselves.  In particular, same-day advanced sparing and management is often an expensive option to carry within the carrier business model.  Fortress Solutions recently secured an extensive domestic advanced sparing program to support the advanced replacement of core routing equipment in key markets.  Fortress Solutions was able to provide a cost-effective solution to the carrier by purchasing and leasing-back key equipment spares while providing critical spares within a 4-hour delivery window.  Fortress Solutions was able to save the carrier millions of dollars off the OEM solution.

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