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Fortress UAV announced today a series of new drone service offerings for enterprise and public safety markets.  These services compliment the successful national drone repair and maintenance business model that Fortress UAV launched in 2017.

Marketwatch features FortressOne.

The telecom equipment repair market is an important, often overlooked, segment of the telecom industry. Network operators often utilize third-party services to extend the life of legacy equipment that simply cannot be easily decommissioned and that still plays a vital role in delivering important and profitable services.

Remembering industry icon and valued Fortress Solution team member, Glen Chenier.

FortressOne “New” Intergrated Service Offering Provides an Alternative to Costly OEM Support Programs

While most of the world is still awaiting 4G to maximize its potential, 5G trials are already well underway, and they’re generating some impressive results. Download our whitepaper, written by John Robertson, Research and Development Engineer at Fortress Solutions.  

Plano Texas-headquartered Fortress Solutions has announced that its Leesburg, Florida facility has achieved the prestigious R2:2013 certification.

Fortress Solutions announced today that it has achieved the distinguished R2:2013 certification for its Leesburg, Florida location.

New Responsible Recycling Certification Adds to Previous TL9000 and ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 Certifications