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Support as it Was Meant to Be


Fortress Solutions provides a robust Customer Technical Assistance Center service (CTAC) on many telecommunication platforms. As part of the Fortress Solutions suite of services designed to extend the life of our customers legacy telecommunications products, the Fortress Solutions CTAC team provides 24×7 technical support on those critical products our customers rely on to maintain their network operations. In many situations, the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) will reduce or even eliminate their support offerings on older, legacy equipment to focus their resources on their newer products. However, the Fortress Solutions customer still relies on this legacy equipment and requires an expert support team to provide assistance to answer questions or solve issues at any time. Superior processes and technology are fundamental, but people are the heart of great support. Fortress Solutions has a seasoned team of technical support engineers with many years of experience supporting these technical platforms from the OEM or other major operators. Many of the platforms we support today we also repair as well so we have an extended team of engineers with in-depth knowledge of these products and test the products daily in our repair center labs.

Fortress Solutions also provides an option System Monitoring Service (SMS) which can monitor the customer network and critical systems providing immediate alerting and corrective action in the event of a network or system issue. Fortress uses state-of-the-art monitoring tools to deliver a robust service and supplement the CTAC service for complete support of these critical systems.

Powerful Support Starts Here

Fortress Solutions CTAC Delivers:

  • Highly seasoned support engineers with decades of experience on supported platforms
  • Tier 1, 2, and 3 service level technical support options
  • Fortress Solutions engineering and repair expertise on supported platforms
  • Flexible pricing options to meet the customer requirements
  • Optional systems monitoring services to monitor the customer networks and systems
  • Monthly KPI reports

Fortress Technical Support Service Level and Options:

  • Full CTAC Coverage (24x7x365)
  • Business Hour CTAC Coverage

Fortress Solutions provides the most complete suite of services to extend the life of our customers networks with the highest-quality of service in the market.