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Quality Meets Expertise

Always Reliable Repair and Certification

Fortress Solutions is an Information and Communication Technology industry leader of component-level electronics depot repair services. Fortress Solutions has built more than 30 years of expertise in the repair of voice, data, video, broadband, central office switching, transport, power/ring, wireless, and wireline equipment.

Upon receipt into one of the Fortress Solutions’ certified repair labs, units are inspected then routed to the system or technical area of expertise for full diagnostics. Throughout the strict test and repair processes, each unit is screened for failure as well as potential intermittent issues. Certain common components known to have outlived reliability or near end-of-life are replaced to ensure full functionality for the life of the Fortress warranty.

Fortress Solutions strives to return a fully functional and like-new unit for each and every piece of equipment received. Our in-house repair catalog supports the repair of more than 55,000 unique, CLEI-specific parts. Fortress can support virtually any piece of equipment received. Items received that we do not have in-house repair capability for may be introduced into our NPI process for in-house repair support or outsourced to an established and qualified third-party or OEM repair resource.



In-house and Out, Our Expertise Shines

In-House Repair

Fortress Solutions’ repair labs are located in Leesburg, FL and Plano, TX. We repair an exhaustive suite of transport, switch, router, wireless, microwave, power, fan, cable, video and test equipment. We are ISO9001- and TL9000-certified with established, industry-leading processes to ensure reliable repair results. Each unit is identified by serial number, and data specific to that unit is captured throughout the repair process. Unit detail is maintained in Fortress Solutions’ order processing system, providing valuable repair history.  The Fortress Solutions customer can track the part repair status through every step of the process using the Fortress Solutions Customer Web Portal.

Outsource Repair

Fortress Solutions has established relationships with hundreds of repair and replacement services providers within the OEM and third-party repair markets. Each supplier’s quality, cost and delivery performance is continually evaluated in compliance with our TL9000 quality objectives. Our dedicated team of expediters work with our quality suppliers to ensure the fastest service available. Outsourced items are routinely assessed for insourcing/NPI opportunities to further improve the customers’ cost and performance experience.