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Our expert tech team offers full range of services to meet all of your support needs. We are all in this together to better maintain your network and ensure it thrives when it is most needed. From basic support services to full expertise with product specialists we have you covered so you can move forward.

Tier 1: Basic Support
Tier 2: Product Knowledge
Tier 3: Product Experts

Customer Tech Assisstance Center
Customer Tech Assisstance

Ensuring your network keeps going at full potential

We know the importance of supporting the backbone of your activity and understand the impact it has on our customers and their customers as well. Our Fortress TAC, understands that any disruption can have a ripple effect and we are always ready to get you back up and running as quickly as possible. Our tech team is here to help customers maintain and extend the life of their network. With the support of our dedicated tech team, your digital transformation can continue while saving significant costs.

Why Fortress?

We help you stay running and looking better than before




We are more than just a team, we are partners in supporting our customers whose focus is supporting their customers. With our full services on the backbone of your network, we can ensure your activity continues while minimizing potential downtime. You can trust us to maintain user expectations and continue to use our expertise to work on the backbone that carries your customers’ traffic. We cover it all so you can continue to support your customers with peace of mind.

We provide CTAC for everyone:

  • Consumers
  • Enterprisers
  • Telecom
  • IoT devices
  • And more

Who we serve

Working with customers across all sectors

Windstream Communications
Bell Canada
Hawaiian Telcom


Supporting your network in every way

Supporting Your Network

Providing Full tech support services to keep you going


Tier 1, 2 & 3 North American-based live operators

  • We don’t distribute information to unreliable sources
  • U.S. based only


Always available 24/7/365


Dedicated network engineers with decades of experience


Online portal, email & telephone support options

  • Online portal with account & ticket creation
  • Dedicated email address that auto-creates a ticket
  • Call straight to live agent for immediate needs


Cell tower backbone support for both consumers & enterprise


robust, real-time KPI reporting


Solutions crafted to fit customers’ needs

Supporting a wide range of products

With over 170 distinct platforms that Fortress supports, we are easily able to grow our skillset to meet customer demands and needs. We support a multitude of products so our customers have all the options available.

Data Products


  • Adtran TA11xx, TA12xx, TA5000
  • AFC Accessmax (Tellabs 1000) RT (DSL)
  • Alcatel ASAM 1000, 7300
  • Ciena Catena CNX-5 (SLC-5 DSL)
  • Ciena DN 7100, 7200
  • Fujitsu SpeedPort DSALM
  • Lucent Litespan 2000 RT (DSL)
  • Lucent B-STDX9000, CBX500, GX550, PSAX12xx (Packetstar)
  • 3600, 3624, 3630 Mainstreet – Newb
  • 7470 MSP Mainstreet – Newb(36170)
  • 7670 RSP Mainstreet - Newb


  • 5620 AIM EMS (Newb 46020)
  • 5620 NM EMS Newb
  • Catenaview, Navisscore, Waveflow
  • EMS Server Support
  • Nortel Preside
  • Nokia/LU DEXCS ECS-1/ECS-3

Transport Products

Async Mux

  • Fujitsu 405/810
  • Fujitsu SM13
  • Hatteras
  • Lucent DDM plus, DM1000
  • NEC 405, NEC 560/1.12
  • NEC RC28C/D, NEC FD1840A
  • Nortel DMT300
  • Nortel FMT150
  • Rockwell 21130/1565, 3x50
  • Telco 828, Telco Edgelink 100, Telco Fox, Edgelink HUB, M560


  • Anda Etheredge 4000
  • Ciena CN2110, CN2150, CN2600 (Online Edge 2500)
  • Ciena MW1600
  • Hatteras HN4000
  • Overture 4000, 5100

Ch Bank

  • ADC Soneplex
  • Adtran MX2820
  • D4/D5
  • DDS circuits
  • DS0 Analog circuits
  • T1, T3 troubleshooting
  • Adtran TA1500, TA3000


  • Alcatel 1630, 1631 LMC, 1631 SMC, 1633, 1641, 1671, 1677, 1680 OGX, 1830, 1850
  • DSC ECS1, ECS3
  • Ensemble SW
  • Ericsson MSH12
  • Lucent DACS2, DACS3, DACS4-256, DACS4-512
  • Tadiran TDAX (ECI)
  • Tellabs 530 (Coriant), 531, 532 (Coriant)
  • Tellabs 5320L (Coriant), 5320LS (Coriant)
  • Tadiran TDAX (ECI)
  • Tellabs 5320L (Coriant), 5320LS (Coriant), 532L (Coriant), 5500 (Titan), 6500, NGX
  • XEL Arcadacs


  • Lucent Litespan 2000 COT
  • Lucent SLC 5, SLC2000, SLC96
  • Marconi DISC*S (Tellabs/Reltec)
  • NEC ISC303
  • Nortel DMS1 Rural/Urban


  • Adtran Opti-6100
  • Ciena 4200, 6110, 6130, 6200
  • Ciena CoreStream
  • Ciena OLM7000
  • Cisco 15454
  • Lucent 1625 (EXTREME ULH)
  • Nortel 5200
  • Siemens MTS


  • Tellabs/AFC T1000
  • Tellabs/AFC T1000


  • Adtran Opti-3
  • Alcatel 1648
  • Alcatel TM50/ADM50
  • Ethernet Circuit Troubleshooting
  • Fujitsu Flash192, FLM150, FLM2400, FLM6, FLM600
  • Fujitsu FACTR
  • Fujitsu FW4100, FW4100ES, FW4300, FW4500
  • Fujitsu FW7600
  • Lucent DDM2000
  • Lucent DMX (1665), DMXaccess (1665). DMXplore (1665), DMXtend (1665)
  • Lucent fiberreach OC1, FT2000, Lambda Unite
  • Lucent Wavestar 2.5G/10G Wavestar OLS 40G (ALU 1694)
  • NEC IMT-150
  • NEC ITS-2400, NEC ITS-600
  • Nortel Access Node
  • Nortel OC12 OC192, OC192 DX, OC192 LH
  • Nortel OC3/12 Classic
  • Nortel OC48
  • Nortel OM3100, OM3300, OM3400, OM3500
  • Nortel Optera3000
  • Nortel OM5100, OM5200 OVN 239, 6100, 6508, ISG45
  • Overture


  • Microsemi (Symmetricom)


  • Siemens HiT7500 (Coriant)


  • Adva FSP 150CC-T, FSP 150-EG-M, FSP 3000R7, 1400, 400/500

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