Fortress Solutions deep engineering expertise ensures the post-deployment operational integrity of complex and evolving EV charging systems.

The rush to fund, engineer, and deploy quick charging EV stations adds a host of complex challenges to maintaining network operational integrity. Plugging in, charging up, and driving away is no simple proposition. In the midst of emerging and converging technologies, Fortress Solutions is ready with the engineering intimacy, logistical expertise, and foresight to ensure the promise of EV technology. We have it covered so you can move forward.



An EV charging station.

Support for a Nationwide Infrastructure of Electric Vehicles.

Fortress Solutions has expert technical staff and the experience needed to support, triage, maintain, and repair stations for their customers.

We provide Day 2 Operational Services, allowing our customers to focus on the day-to-day activities that impact future installations and growth.


Electric vehicle charging stations.


Network Operations Center (NOC)

Base of operations to oversee, monitor, & manage the network of EV charging stations. Centrally located in Dallas, TX

  • Remote monitoring of equipment, power, connectivity, & environment status
  • Customer portal that provides real-time and historical views of system performance
  • Proactive investigation into potential issues through the Fortress charge station analytics engine
  • Single pane of glass view to Charging System operation to view performance and monitor alarms
  • Rapid response to system alarms & anomalies
  • Real-time Key Performance Indicator (KPI) reporting/li>
  • Online CRM w/ ticket generation by phone, portal, email, CRM/API integration, & NOC
  • Help Desk & Call Center for end Customer / charge point user
  • Tier 1-3 technical remote support services
    • Tier-1: US Call Center and basic support
    • Tier-2: Product and network service knowledge
    • Tier-3: Product Experts
    • Tier-4: Escalation to equipment supplier or service provider




Forward & Reverse Logistics

  • Import, Export and Shipping Logistics
  • Pre-Installation storage, assembly, pick/pack/ship
  • Critical Spares storage (centralized or localized)
  • RMA Management and Logistics
  • Field part replacement



Field Technical Support

  • Typical charging infrastructure under the support services:
    • Charge Box
    • Dispensers
    • Batteries
    • Enclosures, Environmental, Grid Power
    • Networking & Network Connectivity
  • Charge Point installation inspection and acceptance
  • Field repair, retrofits, hardware upgrades, & replacements
  • Dispatch to Fortress technicians, electricians, & HVAC as necessary
  • Warranty services and assurance
  • Routine maintenance
  • Software upgrades and patches
  • Microgrid Management

Deployment and logistics

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