The Complete Mobile Solution

In the ever-changing mobile and wireless industry, Fortress Solutions is a constant. We pride ourselves on our reliability and adaptability in all environments. As a partner, we help our customers maintain their network equipment with confidence.

With a one-stop-shop mentality, our team provides the mobile and wireless industry not only with reliable repair services, but also supply, sparing, logistics and technical support. 

We understand our customers are unique and have individual needs. That is why we cater to each by providing robust services that exceed their needs pass their expectations. 

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  • Industry Expertise30+ years helping transition for the telecom technology carriers
  • Unmatched Technical ExpertiseWe produce over 149,000 annual repairs
  • Unparalleled KnowledgeWe work with over 463 repair OEMs
  • Unmatched ExpertiseWe repair over 1,783 platforms and have over 88,000 repair SKUs in our wheel-house
  • Full Testing CapabilitiesBurn-in and testing in a full production environment
  • TransparencyCustomer visibility to every service order via the Fortress Online Customer Portal
  • ControlsWarranty administration, SLA solutions and product vintage controls
  • SLA Transparency24x7x365 critical sparing, including 4-hour turnaround windows
  • In-Depth ReportingRobust inventory tracking and reporting for greater visibility

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