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Our team of experts know equipment management is more than just logistics and “moving boxes.” Fortress’ Global Solutions for Equipment Management offers a full suite of solutions to expand your potential in all areas including inventory management, sparing, full-service RMA fulfillments, critical spare fulfillments, kitting, and full trade compliance assistance, including IOR/EOR services. We support your equipment needs so can move forward.


Full range customization to meet all your needs:

Expand your potential

  • Domestic & international programs
  • Warehousing services
  • Kitting & assembly program services
  • Sparing program services
  • Support full-service RMA with forward & reverse logistics
  • IOR/EOR services
  • Trade Compliance services
Shipping Boxes

We ensure there is less and less room for error.

technological and logistical expertise

Our commitment in providing you Global Solutions for Equipment Management to any interruptions in your service is the support Fortress brings to ensure your digital transformation isn’t delayed. We understand the critical role your equipment plays in this constantly evolving digital world and as a partner, it is our role to ensure that you are ready for success at any moment. We support any critical equipment from the backend telecommunications and video equipment to cutting-edge equipment to support IoT technology.

Why Fortress?

Proof in experience

End-to-end visibility
of global parts

Effortless ordering
via web portal

Bespoke programs
ensure delivery
deadlines & SLAs are met


Full range of trade
compliance expertise

Leaving No room for
error in your equipment

Who we serve

Fortress Supported Brands

Go Power EV

Industries we serve:

  • Telecommunications
  • Video
  • Electric Vehicle Charging
  • Drones/ UAS


Logistics Services

Full transparency at every step

Ensure your equipment is safe and secure, by staying informed from point A to point B with our full spectrum of logistics services. With tracking and reporting, you can have peace of mind knowing that your assets are in capable hands.

Logistics Services

Secure web portal for ordering, tracking, and inventory reports.

Streamline your inventory in one place.

Secure Web Portal

Easy navigation through the different activities.

Get to where you need to be in no time.

Application Menu

Multiple service level options to better serve your customers.

  • Critical Services
    • 4-hour & 12-hour SLAs
    • Next Business Day
  • Non-critical Services
    • 2nd Business Day
    • Ground Services

24/7/365 Availability for order fulfillment.

Ready to support any for your equipment needs.

Shipping Services

Robust reporting

  • Manufacturing part number
  • CLEI
  • FMV - Fair Market Value
  • Manufacturer item code
  • RoHS
  • US HTS Code
  • US Export Control
  • Encryption status
  • CCATS (used for cross border shipments)
  • Serial numbers
  • Platform
  • Repairable
  • Approval Level
  • Dimensions

Positioned to support your global growth.

Fortress provides cross-industry expertise in domestic and international locations, bringing end-to-end solutions to your digital future.

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Our team has the logistics expertise to enable your success.

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