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The emergence of new technologies and constant threats to cyber security make maintaining network systems critical to the success of your business. Fortress Solutions is ready with diversified capabilities, logistical expertise, and deep experience to accelerate and protect your core services.

By continuously monitoring a wide variety of information and network systems, we ensure operational integrity in the face of continually emerging and evolving technologies.



A wall of monitors in the Network Operations Center

Why Fortress Outsourced NOC?

The expertise of our team and dedication of our 24/7 outsourced Network Operations Center ensures our customers can focus on the critical day-to-day activities of their business while we focus on root cause analytics to ensure both the micro issues and the macro goals are fully aligned to move you forward.


People manning the Network Operations Center.


Manage fluctuations in traffic and grow your business into new locations and markets.


Eliminate downtime

Our 24-7 capabilities ensure consistent operational foresight and avoid downtime.


Rapid incident response

Continually monitoring network systems to identify and prevent problems efficiently.


Network optimization

Real-time reporting and automatic identification of areas of improvement to build a stronger network.


Comprehensive Monitoring Tools

Collecting data from all devices on a network to ensure visibility.


Efficient Internal IT Departments

Taking the work performed by a NOC off the internal IT team so they can focus on higher-level projects or initiatives.


Patch Management

Regular patch applications from vendors to eliminate security vulnerabilities and improve performance.


Policy Enforcement

Set rules and optimize them for network performance to ensure that human users and the devices that operate on it are following.

Firewall Management

Updates and maintenance on physical appliances and software-based firewalls.


Security Software Management

A comprehensive security infrastructure to maintain security platforms or services installed on the network.


Data Backups/Disaster Recovery

Eliminate the risk of downtime by ensuring that critical data is saved to long-term or off-site storage.


Antivirus/Intrusion Detection

Deter internet threats against networks and users.


Network Reporting

Continuous improvement of your business through comprehensive monitoring and reporting.

People working in front of monitors at the NOC and a stack of servers at the NOC.


Fortress Solutions delivers a best practices NOC solution by:

  • Continuously monitoring communications circuits, cloud resources, LAN/WAN systems, routers, switches, firewalls, VoIP systems, and application deliveries.
  • Providing timely responses to all incidents, outages, and performance issues.
  • Categorizing issues for escalation to appropriate technical teams.
  • Recognizing, identifying, and prioritizing incidents to follow customer business requirements, organizational policies, and operational impact.
  • Collecting and reviewing performance reports for various systems and reporting trends in performance.
  • Notifying customer and third-party service providers of issues, outages, and remediation status.
  • Working with internal and external technical and service teams to create or update knowlege base articles.
  • Supporting multiple technical teams in 24x7 operational environments.

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