Fortress Diversity: A Year in Review

Fortress Diversity: A Year in Review

The end of 2020 marked a turbulent time as we dealt with the effects of the pandemic and troubling national news involving racial inequality issues. During these unprecedented times, we had the great opportunity to examine how our Fortress values reflect against our changing society. We felt that it was time for Fortress to be an agent of diversity and positive change in the community.

After much consideration, we were pleased to announce the creation of the Fortress Solutions Diversity Committee. The Committee is comprised of cross-functional and cross-site employees, and its mission will be to lead development and implementation of internal and external activities with aim to improve and promote diversity, inclusion, and equality within the company and its local communities by creating professional opportunities and personal growth. 

The Diversity Committee focus has both an internal and external focus.  Internally, we work to promote and facilitate employee awareness and training initiatives that reinforce appreciation for diversity and inclusion. Externally, we strive to connect with the local community and provide educational and work-related opportunities from underserved backgrounds through scholarships and internships. To learn more about the Fortress Solutions Diversity Committee, please click here.

To such end, the Committee has tirelessly worked to bring this mission into fruition in 2021. Below are some 2021 highlights of this work.


Mission Statement  |  The Fortress Solutions Diversity Committee seeks to make Diversity and Inclusion integral elements of our culture. This committee remains focused on creating an inclusive culture that promotes, supports, and celebrates the diverse voices within our company. Fortress Solutions employs these efforts to better innovate and connect with our employees, our customers, and the communities we serve.    

Vision Statement  |  Fortress Solutions’ strength comes from cultivating an environment where all employees thrive on the key components of Diversity and Inclusion. The company is committed to recruiting, developing, leading, and promoting a diverse workforce, in order to provide opportunities and career paths.   


To promote, support and celebrate our diverse workforce, all employees participated in a company-wide Diversity & Inclusion training via Kantola Training Solutions. Kantola provided and interactive online training course that was designed to allow employees to gain insights into the perspectives and realities of individuals with identities and backgrounds that are different from their own. Employees learned how others can experience the same workplace in very different ways. We are proud to state that all employees, regardless of location, have participated in this important training.



Each month, our committee selects a diversity-related topic and emails a set of daily trivia questions to the employee population. In 2021, topics have included the following: Hispanic Heritage, Disability Employment, Native American Heritage, Universal Human Rights Awareness and more. These daily trivia questions not only ask thought provoking questions but share online links to educational information Employees are offered the opportunity to answer each trivia question and are provided with feedback as to whether they answered correctly.



Recognizing the need for a well-educated, diverse technical trades industry, we created the Fortress Solutions Technology Scholarships. The scholarships provide pathways to remove barriers to underserved students in technology related programs that prepare students for dynamic futures in today’s ever-changing technology industry. The scholarships also emphasize diversity, equity & inclusion in support of underrepresented groups pursuing education/careers.

There are scholarship opportunities available in each of our major facility locations.  In the Dallas, Texas area, scholarships are  open to all Dallas College students pursuing a career in Technology related areas of Electrical Engineering, Engineering Technology, Electrical Engineering Technology, Electrical Telecommunications, Electrical Technology, Electronics Technology, Accounting, Business Administration, Computer Information Technology, Logistics, Supply Chain Management, and Manufacturing Technology and Management. Nearby our Leesburg, Florida location, scholarships are available to College of Central Florida students pursuing careers in similar areas of concentration, including Engineering Technology, Computer Information Technology, Supply Chain Management or Business Administration.

The Dallas scholarships will benefit enrolled, full-time students attending any Dallas College Campus (East Field, North Lake, Brookhaven, El Centro, Richland, Cedar Valley, Mountain View, TeleCollege, etc.), as well as any similarly situated students attending College of Central Florida campus location. The first scholarships are scheduled to be awarded in the Spring semester of 2022.  To learn more about the Fortress scholarship programs, please click here.

As 2021 closes, we are proud of the work the 2021 Diversity Committee has accomplished. We are excited for 2022, as we officially award our first Fortress Solutions Technology Scholarships and dig deeper into internship opportunities. 

We would like to recognize our 2021 Diversity Committee members who contributed to these achievements:

Brendon Mills  |  Executive Sponsor
Laura Sapp   |   Executive Sponsor
Jack Brickey   |   Executive Sponsor
Al Myers
Tuan Phan
LaToya Wright
David Solomon
Luis Ramirez
Jose Soto
Tony Cruz
Richard Linzy, In remembrance of

We will continue to promote our team’s culture and diversity. And as always, we will continue to update you on future accomplishments! 

We will end with a quote from our leader and CEO, Brendon Mills: 

"At Fortress Solutions, our differentiator is our employees. We would not be able to provide our customers the service & quality they deserve without the dedication & expertise that our team brings to the table. I am proud to be a part of the Fortress team."



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