Fortress UAV & ORANGE Team to Deliver World Class Drone Safety & Deployment Services

Fortress UAV & ORANGE Team to Deliver World Class Drone Safety & Deployment Services

Simply put, safety and drones go hand-in-hand. You cannot have one without the other. As the drone industry becomes more sophisticated and drone technology is more accepted and adopted into both commercial and every-day life, safety must hold the utmost importance.

According to the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) as of June 15, 2021, there were a total of 870,382 drones registered with the following breakdown:

  • 358,137 Commercial drones

  • 508.758 Recreational drones

  • 3,487 Paper registrations

  • And 232,536 certified remote pilots.

These numbers are only expected to continue to exponentially grow as more and more companies implement drone equipment into their every-day operations.

While companies are quickly scaling their drone operations, their safety protocols and procedures must follow suite. Partners for both scaling drone operations and safety can quickly turn from an added benefit to a hardened necessity.

Fortress UAV and ORANGE have teamed-up, and are offering solutions that can quickly, efficiently, and safely ramp up drone operations.

ORANGE focuses on operational and safety services including: aviation safety, flight test, systems safety, safety training (ORM/CRM/TEM), operations manuals, mission assurance, certification support, test safety, risk management, emergency response planning and more. Founded by test pilots with roots in flight and autonomous test and evaluation, they provide tailored and scalable safety solutions to each of their customers.

Fortress UAV provides go-to-scale unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) deployment and maintenance services for OEMs, enterprises, and public safety agencies. They support customers with logistics & fleet management, technical support, repair, preventative maintenance, and field services – allowing customers to scale their drone operations efficiently and quickly.

Fortress UAV and ORANGE recently participated together on an online Commercial UAV Panel event to discuss the challenges and solutions in the UAV marketplace. To view the discussion, please visit the following link:

To learn more about the safety and mission assurance systems ORANGE provides, please visit their website,

To learn more about the scalable deployment services Fortress UAV offers, please visit their website,



Founded by test pilots with roots in flight and autonomous test and evaluation, ORANGE solves the difficult problems faced by innovative vehicle companies, including certification support and Safety Management Systems. ORANGE employs industry leading subject matter experts with wide-ranging experience, from dynamic startups to defense operations.



Fortress UAV is a subsidiary of Fortress Solutions and supports outsourced drone services for OEMs, enterprises & public safety agencies.  Fortress UAV is the largest and most comprehensive partner for operational drone services in North America and supports logistics, tech-support and drone technology RMA services to over 65 countries worldwide.



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