Fortress UAV Training: RockBlast

Fortress UAV Training: RockBlast

In early October Fortress UAV was pleased to welcome RockBlast to our facilities for drone repair training!


RockBlast established its operations 2010 in Chile and since then has become an outstanding player in the drilling and blasting, geomechanics and technological development for the mining industry. The RockBlast Mission: To provide engineering services with a high level of research development and innovation in the areas of Drilling and Blasting, Geomechanics and Technological development for the mining industry.

How do they do it? With the assistance of drone technology! RockBlast utilizes drones for:

  1. Security: Rapid, precise and reliable situational awareness

  2. Inspection: Reliable, on-demand aerial data and premium processing and analytics capabilities

  3. Surveying and Mapping: Safe, precise and cost-efficient solution provides scheduled and on-demand aerial data collection, supporting critical processes such as stockpile volume measurements, terrain mapping, site planning and more

Image courtesy of RockBlast Image courtesy of RockBlast

Images courtesy of RockBlast

Therefore, it is critical their large fleet of drones are up-to-date on all maintenance checks and are air-worthy at all times (even after accidents!). Fortress UAV was able to pass along key knowledge and techniques that will help RockBlast keep maximum drone up-time.

Ignacio, an Electronics Engineer stated:

With our background from the mining and drone industry we recognize the quality of the training. The facilities at Fortress UAV are excellent, we came back with great ideas for our own lab.

Training was hands-on and give us the confidence to try things and ask everything we needed. Miguel was a wonderful instructor and we couldn’t have asked for a better host on both a professional and personal level. Thanks to all the FortressUAV team who made this to happen.

Check out some photos from the training:

RockBlast 1.jpg

RockBlast 2.jpg

RockBlast 3.jpg






We are proud to be able to share our knowledge and skills with companies that share the same passion for drone technology!



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