ReadyH2 Launches Compressed Hydrogen Gas Distribution Service & Partnership with Doosan Mobility Innovation

ReadyH2 & Doosan Partnership

LAS VEGAS--(BUSINESS WIRE)--ReadyH2, a newly formed subsidiary of Fortress Solutions and Fortress UAV, today announced a new compressed hydrogen gas distribution service. ReadyH2 will immediately begin supporting Doosan Mobility Innovation (DMI) and its hydrogen fuel cell drone technology by providing all hydrogen fuel services to its drone customers and dealers.

DMI will announce the official launch of its U.S. hydrogen fuel cell drone solutions and the hydrogen fuel cell (HFC) powerpack (DP30) and its customized drone (DS30), during the 2020 Consumer Electronics Show (CES). DMI is the world’s first company to successfully mass-produce hydrogen-powered drones for commercial use. ReadyH2 will work closely with Fortress UAV, who serves as the premier U.S.-based repair and maintenance provider for Doosan’s drone customers. Fortress UAV has been a prominent drone repair and maintenance provider to top-level drone manufacturers since their start in 2017.

“ReadyH2 is excited and ready to fill this void for compressed hydrogen gas in the drone market,” said Brendon Mills, CEO of ReadyH2 and Fortress UAV. “We have conducted extensive research and invested substantial time and resources to implement and become an experienced and safe hydrogen supplier to the hydrogen drone market. Our offering is one step closer to the adoption of hydrogen fuel cell technology in the U.S.”

Doosan HFC drone dealers and customers will be able to order pre-filled compressed hydrogen tanks directly from the ReadyH2 website. When a customer orders hydrogen from ReadyH2, a fully-fueled hydrogen tank is delivered to the address of the customer and the empty tank collected within 1 to 7 days of the day of the order. The hydrogen tanks are the assets of Doosan Mobility Innovation, and the customer only orders the hydrogen gas.

“DMI chose ReadyH2 and Fortress UAV because of their extensive capabilities in supporting true drone operations demands,” stated Doosoon Lee, CEO of DMI. “We are pleased to partner with ReadyH2 and Fortress UAV in the support of our new HFC drone launch in the U.S. Both are key suppliers to ensure our drone customers can fully realize the potential of our long-endurance drones.”

Additionally, ReadyH2 will offer hydrogen fuel handling and safety training for DMI’s dealers and end-customers. Hydrogen gas has unique safety concerns and the DP30 are highly pressurized. The DMI Type 4 hydrogen tanks are based on long-standing and verified technology already being used in hydrogen-powered vehicles. Doosan developed the ultralight hydrogen tanks by optimizing the design of carbon fiber winding for use with their HFC drone and powerpack. ReadyH2 is strongly committed to the education and safe handling of hydrogen fuel.

Today, the ReadyH2 website officially launched at allowing DMI drone customers to initiate a hydrogen fuel tank order/refueling. To learn more, please visit the website or call: (833) 952-0903.



ReadyH2 is a subsidiary of Fortress Solutions and Fortress UAV and supports a compressed hydrogen gas distribution networks currently for Doosan Mobility Innovations customers and dealers.




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