A drone in the air and a drone being assembled.

The future of flight is here

Drone technology is rapidly advancing, resulting in economically & environmentally smarter, more streamlined services. Drones have the ability to modernize a multitude of industries, but they don’t come without complex challenges. Fortress is ready to be your partner in moving forward with the pace of technology, helping you navigate the future of flight.


We keep you flying

Fortress UAV supports the operational integrity of your unmanned drones and related technology. Top-notch logistics, field and repair services, tech support, and preventative maintenance are just some of the ways we keep you flying.

A man stands next to drone assembly and maintenance lines.

360 support


Safely & securely get your assets from point A to point B with our logistic services. With tracking and reporting, we provide full transparency.



360 support

Tech Support

Only partner with the best. Our fully-trained team is ready anytime, anywhere to answer your drone-related questions. Take us for a test flight.



360 support

Field Services

Allow us to handle the entire process for you – from start to finish we bring the human resources & technology needed for any drone related project.



360 support

Preventative Maintenance

It’s at the heart of what we do — we know the ins and out of drone technology. Allow us to get you back in the air, FAST.




This highly capable device lends great promise to modernize a multitude of industries, resulting in economically & environmentally smarter, faster, cost efficient and more streamlined services.

While next-level drone technology is rapidly advancing, it doesn’t come without complex challenges:

- Regulatory hurdles
- Airspace
- Weather
- Site preparation, leases & usage rights
- Kitting & field installation
- Maintenance, security & repair
- NOC (network ops center) services
- And more…

Our extensive whitepaper we discusses the operational challenges plus what’s next…



Fortress UAV Drones-In-A-Box Whitepaper

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