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One Powerful, Bundled Support Solution



Fortress Solutions is proud to introduce our new bundled solution package, FortressOne. Telecommunications carriers and service providers are under increasing cost pressure to reduce capital and operating expenses. FortressOne is a customized OEM-alternative service offering customer self-support for telecommunication carriers in an effort to de-bundle the classic and expensive OEM service support model.

What is FortressOne?

Over the past 20 years, OEMs have required telecommunication carriers to invest a high percentage of annual spend on after-purchase support services such as Repair, Software Support, CTAC (Carrier Technical Assistance Center or telephone support), and Advanced Replacement Sparing Services. In some case, these after-purchase support services can cost between 8% to 20% of initial equipment spend on an annual basis.

FortressOne delivers a product support solution that bundles the following suite of services into one complete package for each product. These services provide everything an operator requires to reliably sustain the life of the technology investment in later-stage products at a price point far more competitive than the traditional OEM support program.

FortressOne Services include:

  • Hardware Repair
  • CTAC – Product Technical Support
  • Hardware Advance Replacement
  • Hardware Sparing
  • Reverse Logistics Management

Why FortressOne?

In the early days of a new product deployment, the cost for these services can be justified given the “break-in” period of new equipment and the churn of software releases. However, in most cases, the software release churns stabilize after one to three years and the carrier prefers not to disturb a working version of software in their network. At that point, the software updates become irrelevant, but the OEMs continue to lock-bundle all of the support services to the software support and charge the same 8% to 20% of the initial purchase price annually. The hope within the OEM is that after three to five years, they can upgrade the carrier network with new equipment and reset the support contract for several more years. The return on this investment drops significantly after three to five years of product ownership.

The problem with this OEM business model is that the carrier business model can no longer support this bundled support cost. Increasingly, carriers are creating a self-support model where they insist on the OEMs to de-bundle elements of the support package. The self-support carriers then internally support certain services or outsource all of the services to a third-party provider such as Fortress Solutions.

The FortressOne Solution

The FortressOne solution includes equipment Repair Services, CTAC services, and Advanced Replacement Sparing and Reverse Logistics. These services can be bundled together or phased-in over a period of time depending on the degree of self-support that the carrier requires. The Fortress Solution advantage is that our business model is specifically tailored to these services through years of OEM-agnostic telecom equipment repair and product knowledge. Unlike OEM business models, Fortress Solutions does not have to support the overhead of new product development and expensive sales operations. This difference in business model equates to substantial savings to carriers with a much better return on your support dollar investment.