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Professional Services

Fortress Solutions has a wide range of professional services with capabilities and partnerships that support a global footprint in more than 60 countries. These services include design, installation, repair, maintenance or upkeep for most any telecommunication site, both mobile and wireline. As service providers optimize their business, Fortress Solutions’ field services can help maintain high service quality and reliability while at the same time provide quick responsive service during peak service periods. With our array of professional services and expert project management, Fortress Solutions can support your teams by providing experienced, trained and knowledgeable personnel.

Our skilled team offers project management services that can efficiently manage any project to completion, meeting deadlines and cost targets.  In addition to project management, Fortress Solutions offers select Engineering Services including MOP (Method of Procedure) development and other engineering services.

Our professional services include:

  • Indoor Wireless Design and Implementation DAS, Femtocell
  • Cell Tower Maintenance and Repair Monopole, Guyed, Self-Support and Stealth Tower Inspection, Mobile Cell Tower Battery / Rectifier Replacement, PIM Testing, DAS testing, installation
  • Outside Plant Maintenance and Repair Installation, Battery / Rectifier Replacement / Retrofit
  • Forward Logistics Kitting and Project Management Staging, Kitting and Software Load Management for New Installations, Return / Cosmetic Refurbishment, Sparing