Why Fortress?

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Fortress solutions has deep experience in designing and implementing tailored solutions across the full spectrum of digital transformation.

Our unparalleled depth of engineering expertise ensures that all your deployment, support, and analytic needs are met.


Why Fortress?

360 support

360° Support

From design, to deployment, to support.

With cross-industry expertise, domestic and international experience, our end-to-end solutions bridge legacy systems to the future of digital transformation.


Exhaustive diligence

Exhaustive Diligence

Persistence towards perfection.

A focus on root cause analytics ensure both the micro issues and the macro goals are fully aligned to move you forward.


Absolute transparency

Absolute Transparency

You know what we know.

With unmatched depth and clarity of tracking and reporting you have total visibility on all systems to ensure best of breed results are maintained.

Expanding what’s possible in the digital space

Fortress Solutions emerged in 2002 to provide high quality, multi-vendor telecom repairs.

Today, Fortress is a global provider of digital infrastructure deployment, logistical support, and analysis, enabling you to move forward with the pace of technology.

A man drives a forklift at Fortress' Kansas operations center.
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Fortress continues to provide deployment and support in forward and reverse logistics, technical and field support, and tracking their assets across multiple systems.

Fortress Solutions was named the Leading Market Share Vendor for the North American Telecommunication Third-Party Repair Market by Exact Ventures, an independent marketing firm.

"At Fortress, we make our customers more capable. With expansive knowledge and expertise skills, our dedicated team creates custom solutions that enable our customers to not only extend their lifespan, but carry out flawless applications within their networks.”

- John Shelnutt, CEO, Fortress Solution

Deep experience

Fortress Solutions brings an unrivaled depth of technological and logistical expertise to every opportunity. Our decades of experience in facilitating digital transformation ensures you can adapt and thrive in the new digital landscape.

Our focus is on providing you with the pivotal services that ensure the operational integrity of your business.

Our commitment to our customers

Fortress Solutions is committed to providing our customers with 360° support, exhaustive diligence, and absolute transparency. Our objective is complete customer satisfaction by constantly meeting requirements and working to continuously improve the effectiveness of our Quality Management System.

Our full quality statement

Our Certifications

ISO 9000 Cert

ISO 9001 & TL 9000

The ISO 9001 certification is focused on meeting customer expectations and delivering customer satisfaction. Built on ISO 9001 principles, the TL 9000 certification outlines supply chain quality requirements for the global information and communication technologies (ICT) industry.

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