Accelerate 5G & IoT Deployments

Accelerate 5G & IoT Deployments


Fortress Solutions 5G and IoT webinar series discusses top operational challenges that Network Equipment Manufacturers, System Integrators and Service Providers are facing.

Take the opportunity to join this webinar to learn more about operational support and deployment challenges, dive into use cases, and get a first look at Fortress Solutions 5G and IoT services to accelerate time-to-market and support critical deployments. Discover how to address operational support challenges, including forward and reverse logistics, RMA repair, global technical support, and operational applications to fuel successful deployments.


Fortress Solutions, Jim Smith   Fortress Solutions, Josh Orender

Vice President, Fortress Solutions

With 25 years of experience in the communications industry, Jim has been at the cutting edge of next-generation technologies and services and has enabled organizations to execute on transformative growth programs. Jim holds a passion for developing new markets and connecting with customers and partners to fuel their product and service deployments, enabling them to win in a competitive landscape.


Chief Revenue Officer

With more than 25 years of experience in the telecommunications industry, Josh has extensive knowledge of supply chain economics and telecommunication service activation and support. Josh has been recognized for his continued success in strategic analysis of product portfolios and development of support programs for diverse customer bases including enterprise, utilities, manufactures and device providers.

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