Fortress Solutions Diversity Committee


"At Fortress Solutions, our differentiator is our employees. We would not be able to provide our customers the service & quality they deserve without the dedication & expertise that our team brings to the table. I am proud to be a part of the Fortress team."

Brendon Mills, CEO, Fortress Solutions



To promote and facilitate employee awareness and training initiatives that reinforce appreciation for diversity and inclusion.



To connect with the local community and provide educational and work-related opportunities from underserved backgrounds through scholarships and internships.

The Diversity Committe has developed Mission & Vision Statements, has established a budget for its activities, and meets regularly to review progress towards its objectives.


The Fortress Solutions Diversity Committee seeks to make Diversity and Inclusion integral elements of our culture. This committee remains focused on creating an inclusive culture that promotes, supports, and celebrates the diverse voices within our company. Fortress Solutions employs these efforts to better innovate and connect with our employees, our customers, and the communities we serve.    


Fortress Solutions’ strength comes from cultivating an environment where all employees thrive on the key components of Diversity and Inclusion. The company is committed to recruiting, developing, leading, and promoting a diverse workforce, in order to provide opportunities and career paths.   

We are proud to announce The Fortress Solutions Technology Scholarships

Recognizing the need for a well-educated diverse tech industry, our scholarships provide pathways to remove barriers to underserved students in Technology related programs that prepare students for dynamic futures in today’s ever-changing technological industry.  

The scholarship emphasizes diversity, equity, & inclusion in support of underrepresented groups pursuing education/careers.

Fortress Diversity Scholarship

There are scholarship opportunities available in each of our major facility locations.  In the Dallas, Texas area, scholarships are  open to all Dallas College students pursuing a career in Technology related areas of Electrical Engineering, Engineering Technology, Electrical Engineering Technology, Electrical Telecommunications, Electrical Technology, Electronics Technology, Accounting, Business Administration, Computer Information Technology, Logistics, Supply Chain Management, and Manufacturing Technology and Management.

Nearby our Leesburg, Florida location, scholarships are available to College of Central Florida students pursuing careers in similar areas of concentration, including Engineering Technology, Computer Information Technology, Supply Chain Management or Business Administration.

The Dallas scholarships will benefit enrolled, full-time students attending any Dallas College Campus (East Field, North Lake, Brookhaven, El Centro, Richland, Cedar Valley, Mountain View, TeleCollege, etc.), as well as any similarly situated students attending College of Central Florida campus location. The first scholarships are scheduled to be awarded in the Spring semester of 2022.


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