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Fortress offers a wide range of in-house engineering capabilities to support your digital transformation, ensuring the operational integrity of your business. Our teams’ extensive experience and deep engineering intimacy enables us to deliver innovative solutions to optimize the performance and extend the lifecycles of your technology. By providing you with next-level services to build, re-purpose, and re-design a multitude of products & devices, we can help expand the potential to move forward.

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Innovative solutions to serve you.

The Fortress Engineering Eco-System

  • Systems & platform analysis
  • Test & staging lab set up
  • System test development
  • Teardown & failure analysis
  • Test tool development
  • Mechanical re-design
  • Optical component re-design
  • Frequency component engineering
  • SCSI device re-design
  • Product updates
  • Wireless network planning
  • Network monitoring services

Enabling you to adapt and thrive.

Support for a wide range of diverse platforms and technologies

  • Class 5 Technology Switches (5ESS, DMS-100, EWSD, DCO)
  • Optical Transport & Switching (Ciena, Infinera, Xtera)
  • Datacom & Switching (Cisco, Juniper, Alcatel)
  • Wireless & Microwave (Ericsson, Lucent, Harris, Commscope)
  • Cable & Video (Cisco, Synamedia, Grass Valley, Motorola, Ateme)

Why Fortress?

Proof in experience

  • Faster
  • Easier
  • More Cost-Efficient

A Track Record of
Improving Performance
& Extending Lifecycle.

Deep Level Testing
Ensures Flawless Operation
in Customer Networks.


Extending product lifecycles

Saving money through smart engineering

Businesses that rely on legacy devices come to Fortress to save money and ensure continued performance. Older devices with SCSI interfaces have become extremely difficult to repair or replace due to component obsolescence. Additionally, SCSI hard disk and tape drives fail at increasing rates in older telecom and data processing systems. Plus tape media for SCSI tape drives are no longer available/available new.

SCSI Device Re-engineered

Fortress Solutions deep engineering expertise delivers...

Comprehensive solutions

Re-engineering Solutions for SSDs and Tape Drives.

  • Solid state emulator replaces SCSI device.
  • Removable solid-state media replaces magnetic tapes.
  • We engineer and thoroughly system test replacements in OEM equipment.
  • Aging circuit pack components are replaced as needed to extend useful life.
  • Fortress replacements are 100% compatible with legacy SCSI devices in redundant system configurations (can be phased in as older units fail).
  • Fortress develops emulators to support back-office data collection from removable media, e.g., billing data extraction.

Deep technical know-how

An Experienced Team Gives You Ultimate Value

  • Each OEM product is used and translated differently. 
  • Our highly skilled & talented team of dedicated engineers repurposes & redesigns each of drives individually to ensure absolute, flawless execution. 
  • Full system tests to ensure flawless application within network. 
  • Validated in Tier 1 Carrier network. 
  • TL9001 Certification – we follow rigid methodology.

The experience to deliver

Solutions are Possible for Virtually any SCSI-Based System Device


OnGo Alliance Membership

Fortress solutions cover the full spectrum of digital transformation across legacy and emerging technology sectors. By launching, servicing, and monitoring complex product and service offerings, Fortress Solutions is ready to ensure the operational integrity of systems as they emerge and converge, enabling you to move forward with confidence.

On Go Alliance is a coalition of 185+ member companies including mobile operators, cable operators, managed service providers (MSPs), mobile virtual networks, and more.

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