An EV charger, a man looks up at a telecom tower, and a man monitors some analytics on a computer.

Fortress Solutions has all of your deployment and mission critical support needs covered.

Our unparalleled depth of engineering expertise and logistical agility ensure that no matter how complex your needs are, your ability to expand critical product and service offerings is accelerated.

Our core operational services and software applications facilitate the transition and integration to “all things smart.”

With total picture reporting and tracking: preventative analytics, asset tracking, data base integration, monitoring, and CRM, we ensure you can move forward with confidence.

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Industries we serve

Offering digital transformations
across a wide range of sectors

Telecom Icon


With over 30 years of experience, Telecommunications and network repair is the foundation of our business.



Mobility Icon


Our telecommunication technology transition experience gives us the knowledge and skillset to deploy and maintain the never-off 5G landscape.

  • 4G
  • 5G


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Emerging tech

We are ready to cover the future of digital transformation by ensuring the operational integrity of systems as they emerge and converge



No matter your focus,
we’re here to expand
your potential.

No matter your focus we're here to expand your potential


  • Our deep expertise facilitates every step of your transition into the 5G realm.
  • We tell you everything we know to navigate risks and bridge the gaps.
  • We scale your adaptation projects to maintain customer expectations.


  • We navigate the industry for you.
  • We facilitate your global logistics and storage.
  • We are the expert in UAS logistics, hanger services, maintenance and repair.
  • Our continuous product analytics provide absolute transparency to identify a problem before it arises.


  • Our customized end-to-end service supports and repairs any smart product from the inside out.
  • We provide a level of engineering intimacy that allows you to accelerate and pivot your core services.

How We Enable Your Digital Transformation

Deployment and logistics icon


To Get Up & Running

Getting to market is just the first step. Scaling, delivery, and supporting your offering is a whole other story


  • Technical Pre Configuring & Testing
  • Rack-and-Stack
  • International Distribution
  • Inventory Pick and Ship
  • Field Installation

Monitoring icon


To Run Better

A focus on root cause analytics ensure both the micro issues and the macro goals are fully aligned to move you forward.

Network Operations Center (NOC)

  • CBRS
  • EV Charging
  • Lithium - Ion Battery

Reporting & Analytics

  • Real - time, KPI Reporting powered by:
    PowerBI, Deposco, Infor and more

Asset Management

  • TruePath
  • Adim Software


Critical Support Icon


To Stay Running

Our technical knowledge and product expertise ensure that user expectations are met across the wide range of products and industries we serve.

Reverse RMA Logistics

  • Repair RMA & Repair Avoidance
  • Clean and Screen
  • Sparing Services 4HR, 8HR, NBD
  • International Import and Export


  • Installation and Support of Assets
  • Smart Hands / On-Site Repair
  • Site surveys and decommissioning


  • 24/7 technical support team of dedicated experts
  • Tier 1: Basic Support
  • Tier 2: Product Knowledge
  • Tier 3: Product Experts
  • Robust, real-time KPI reporting

Deployment and logistics

Decades of experience

Fortress Supported Brands

Ready to transform
your digital future?

Our decades of experience,
engineering intimacy, and logistical
expertise will take you there