FortressONE: Customizable Solutions for You


At Fortress, we are constantly creating innovative solutions that better serve our customers and provide alternative solutions to costly OEM (original eqipment manufacturer) support programs. The FortressOne Support Suite is a competitive offering to OEM support programs that delivers significant cost savings to service providers and enterprise customers, especially for aging and/or legacy equipment. 


Under ONE umbrella solution, service providers and enterprise customers can create highly customized and specified solutions that distinctly meet the customers need, all while saving costs. Bundle any number of the following services:

  • Forward RMA Logistics
    • Technical Pre Configuring & Testing
    • Rack-and-Stack
    • International Distribution
    • Inventory Pick & Ship
    • Field Installation
  • Reverse RMA Logistics
    • Repair RMA & REpair Avoidance
    • Clean & Screen
    • Sparing Services (4HR, 8HR, NDB)
    • International Import & Export
  • Field Support
    • Installation & Support of Assets
    • Smart Hands / On-Site Repair
    • Site Surveys & Decommissioning
  • Advanced Technical Support
    • 24/7 Technical Support Team of Dedicated Experts
    • Tier 1: Basic Support
    • Tier 2: Product Knowledge
    • Tier 3: Product Experts
    • Robust, Real-Time KPI Reporting
  • Software & Services

This program is designed to encapsulate all the necessary services into a single offering required to maintain the carrier's aging infrastructure for an extended period of time. This allows the carrier to redirect additional capital to more critical business needs. FortressOne can be implemented as a complete suite of services for a single platform or design in a de-bundled a-la-carte methodology to maximize overall spend. Lastly, many FortressOne programs work in concert with the OEM support program depending on needs and circumstances.

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