Why it’s Necessary to Partner with a 3rd Party Service Provider for your EV Charging Stations & the Challenges they Help Resolve

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Partnering with a 3rd party service provider to ensure the operational integrity of your EV charging stations is critical for optimum performance. Fortress Solutions ensures the operational integrity of your EV charging stations from day 2 and beyond. We do so through a full spectrum of green initiatives that further the transition to alternative energy specifically for EV charging. But why is it necessary to partner with a 3rd party service provider and what challenges do they help resolve? Read more to find out.

There are many challenges that arise when standing up a new network. Operating high technology controls through power can create many operational challenges. This is surprisingly one of the greatest challenges to stable station operations as the interruptions due to quality power are real threats to profitability. Establishing a proper practice to monitor, remotely access, and control at the site is key for the station to operate smoothly and provide a seamless experience for the consumer. Voltage irregularities in service, even in major utility trusted service territories, is a regular issue that causes unstable services and station tripping. These are just a few examples of potential challenges that can arise when deploying a new station.

After your company installs a new station, you are focused on moving on to the next installation. However, think about what happens when maintenance needs to be performed or suddenly the station has poor connection and doesn’t work for the consumer? What if one of the likely to occur operational challenges discussed previously happens? The relationship and experience of the consumer in using the stations is of fundamental importance. If issues are arising regularly with your companies’ stations, this affects not only the company’s reputation, but profits as well. This is why you need Fortress. We don’t only help you, but your customers as well. With our day 2 services, your consumers will always have quick access to repairs and reliable charging stations, keeping your company’s reputation and profits stable. Fortress can help with design, deployment, support, and monitoring so when operational challenges arise, they are quickly and efficiently resolved.

Partner with Fortress today to ensure the smooth operational integrity of your EV charging stations. Depending on the size and scale of your planned deployments, having a 3rd party supportive partner that can assist in organizing the areas of support, scheduled maintenance, and in managing spares/sparing depots takes a huge pressure off the difficult task of site growth and development. Our expertise and system monitoring assures the stability of providing customers with a positive experience and preserving revenue. This allows you to focus on your next installations as we guarantee to provide your customers with a seamless charging experience.

View our full list of services that we provide for EV charging stations below:

  • System design and vendor selection
  • Systems integration and deployment
  • Customer Support Services
  • Network Operations Centers (NOC)
  • Remote & Field Technical Support
  • Forward & Reverse Logistics
  • Products & Parts Storage
  • Product Development Support

To learn more about how Fortress’ EV charging services help expand the potential and operational integrity of EV charging stations, click here.

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