Never experience downtime again due to parts availability. Our centralized warehousing program and forward-supply global locations enable us to meet a 24x7x365 service level commitment for critical sparing needs.

As an added bonus, we can consolidate inventory locations and lower the cost of your inventory maintenance. 

With our suite of inventory management software systems, logistics tools and service-order tracking system, we can track and optimize your inventory, delivering robust asset management and detailed reporting that provides a real-time window into your inventory levels. 

We have the capability to burn-in and re-certify spares with the same high level of rigor we apply to our other repair processes.

When combined with our market leading equipment repair capability, Fortress Solutions provides the complete solution to your technology fulfillment needs.

Key Benefits

checkmark graphic Complete Inventory Management
Backed by human support with project management, meetings and more

checkmark graphic User-Friendly Web Portal
Self-service web portal with real-time access to inventory plus order placement and reporting

checkmark graphic Automatic Notifications
Receive auto-notifications for shipment tracking, reminders and inventory min/max alerts

checkmark graphic Fortress Reach
65+ Forward Stocking Locations worldwide

checkmark graphic Failure Analysis
Detailed reports on hardware failure analysis available online

checkmark graphic In-depth Reporting
Response time reporting on all process and procedures

checkmark graphic Powerful Diagnostic Tools
Diagnostic, burn-in and re-certification testing and performance results online

Fortress Global Reach


Fortress Global Reach


U.S. Forward Stocking Locations


Fortress US FSLs



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