Comprehensive tool-based service to monitor your production network devices.

Fortress Solutions provides a Network Element Monitoring service as a supplemental service to our Global Technical Phone Support providing a complete legacy network monitoring and management service. Fortress Solutions has developed a network element monitoring tool that will perform regular health checks of the specified network elements and generate alerts if there are any product related issues identified. 

The Technical Support Team can then pro-actively investigate and address the product issues in order to minimize any negative impacts on your production network. Customers can acquire their own network monitoring tools and typically they have, however the Fortress Solutions Network Monitoring Service provides a complete solution that’s integrated into the hundreds of various target OEM product platforms as well as interfacing with any of the customer operational systems. This is provided along with a team of experts that are monitoring the network devices and taking actions where necessary to ensure the continued operation of the customer network.

Key Benefits

checkmark graphicNetwork Device Detection
Proactively communicate with all specified network devices to determine the device operational status and capture pertinent state information including serial numbers, software versions and device statistics.  Monitoring tools can monitor in excess of 100k’s of devices simultaneously with little impact on the customer network.

checkmark graphicNetwork Device Alerts & Alarms Identification
Monitoring tools capture all device informational alerts and alarms and display in a central dashboard that the Fortress Solutions Technical Phone Support team can proactively investigate. Our team, in collaboration with customer, will take any necessary corrective actions to ensure operational integrity of the network device and avoid or minimize any network downtime. Custom profiles have been created for each type of network so monitoring tools are communicating with the devices with appropriate commands, instructions and protocols.

checkmark graphicReporting Interfaces
Dashboards and scheduled reports are available to the customer to provide a complete view of the state of the network devices in their network. The tools have extensive interfaces where data can be passed to the customer's systems including ticket applications and operational management systems.

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