Fortress Solutions is an Information and Communication Technology industry leader of component-level electronics depot repair services. With over 38 years of expertise in the repair of voice, data, video, broadband, central office switching, transport, powering, wireless and wireline equipment, you are in good hands.

Upon receipt into one of our certified repair labs, units are inspected then routed to the system or technical area of expertise for full diagnostics. Throughout the strict test and repair process, each unit is screened for failure as well as potential intermittent issues.

Components that have outlived reliability or are near end-of-life are replaced to ensure full functionality for the life of the Fortress warranty.

We strive to return a fully functional, like-new unit for every piece of equipment received.


Fortress Quality Certifications

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Key Benefits

checkmark graphic Unmatched Repair Expertise
Over 38 years of expertise in repair via dedicated Fortress engineers

checkmark graphic Exhaustive Suite
Exhaustive suite of transport, switch, router, wireless, microwave, power, fan, cable, video and test equipment

checkmark graphic Full In-House Catalog
In-house repair catalog that supports the repair of more than 88,000 unique, CLEI-specific parts

checkmark graphic Exceeding Industry Standards
ISO9001 and TL 9000 certified repair centers with established, industry-leading processes 

checkmark graphic Digital Tracking & Asset Management
Complete step-by-step tracking of unit by serial number during repair progress via customer web portal for complete repair history

checkmark graphic The Fortress Promise
Fortress warranty for all repair units

checkmark graphic New Product Introduction
Trusted and reliable NPI process for units that are not currently part of in-house catalog

checkmark graphic Outsourced Repair
Partnerships with established and qualified third-party or OEM repair resources

Fortress - Repair & Certification

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Why Choose Anyone Other Than #1?

Fortress Solutions was named Leading Market Share Vendor for the North American Telecommunication Third-Party Repair Market by Exact Ventures, an independent market intelligence firm.

“Third-party repair remains an important and growing resource for operators to extend the life of network infrastructure, that cannot be easily and profitably decommissioned. Firms like Fortress Solutions, that continually invest in innovative solutions, will likely experience growth that will outpace that of the market”

-- Greg Collins, Founder Exact Ventures  |   VIEW REPORT

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