Fortress Featured in Pipeline Magazine

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Fortress is proud to have been featured in the July 2023 Pipeline Magazine! Our CTO, Josh Orender's article discusses the growth of hyperconnected IoT and connected devices, IoT and device revolution, supporting a Hyper-Connected Reality, + more.

"The growth of IoT (Internet of Things) devices has created a hyper-connected reality, through which a multitude of devices and systems interact seamlessly, transforming our way of life—a veritable revolution of devices and connectivity. IoT devices allow end-users to essentially take the internet wherever they go. With thousands of diverse types of IoT devices impacting people where they live, play, and work—whether in businesses, enterprises, industrial spaces, medical spaces, or otherwise—the possibilities are simply endless. As a result, the demand on and for reliable wireless and fiber networks compounds, and more and more resources are being deployed as rapidly as possible to meet this new heightened device demand.

We’re taking connectivity closer to the brink than we ever have before."

To read more, view the full article here!

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