Fortress Joins 5G Consortium Promoting Solutions for Private Mobile Networks

Athonet 5G Consortium

Fortress Solutions is proud to be part of the fantastic ecosystem of vendors supporting and promoting private mobile networks via the Athonet 5G Consortium. Private mobile networks (PMNs) have the potential to revolutionize mobile communications and the industries that use them. 

Per PR Newswire & Athonet:

Athonet, a global leader in private network technology, today announced the 5G Consortium which brings together a vendor ecosystem of companies and organizations to promote the deployment of private mobile networks.

The goal of the 5G Consortium is to mutually promote an ecosystem of products and services that support LTE, 5G and CBRS private network deployments; collaborate in marketing the consortium; and conduct testing between products to ensure solutions are interoperable with each other and within the private LTE and 5G cellular environment.

"iGR sees a great opportunity for private wireless networks in the enterprise in the coming years," said Iain Gillot, president of iGR. "To be successful, the industry needs to deliver and support complete integrated solutions to the enterprise - this will require partnerships of the kind the 5G Consortium is building. The 5G Consortium is delivering solutions the enterprise private wireless network market needs."

"We are seeing an immense increase in interest to explore the benefits of private networks," said Simon O'Donnell, president, Athonet USA. "However, some companies aren't sure of what technologies are needed, the products that are available and work together, or the companies that are available to help design, implement and maintain a private network. The 5G Consortium simplifies the process and helps enterprises understand what is needed and find the right solution."

The 5G Consortium includes consultants, systems integrators and post-deployment specialists that can help match the business need with radios, devices and appliances that are interoperable with the Athonet mobile core.

Read the full release here:  5G Consortium Promotes Solutions for Private Mobile Networks with Athonet Mobile Core


Consortium members' products and services are provden to be compatbile elements for a high-performance PMN. Each product or service aligns with one of the essential products or services that make up the Private Network Implemenation Wheel:

Athonet 5G Consortium Wheel

Fortress is a vital resources for post-dleivery support. Brendon Mills, our CEO states:

With 5G deployments growing rapidly throughout not only the U.S. but world-wide, the 5G Consortium is an organization that provides an interoperability safe-haven for those organizations installing multi-vendor LTE, 5G, and CBRS private networks. Fortress Solutions is excited to be a partner of the consortium and to offer post-deployment/day 2 services to all customers looking to maintain, grow and optimize their networks.



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