Fortress Solutions Expands What's Possbile in the 5G, IoT & Digital Transformation Markets

5G, IoT, Digital Transformation

Fortress Solutions announced today an expansion of the company’s capabilities and services into the 5G and IoT (Internet of Things) markets.  Since 2002, Fortress Solutions has been a leading provider in telecommunications services and in 2017, the company added its Fortress UAV subsidiary to focus on the drone and robotics industries.  Today’s announcement evolves the company’s strength in telecom and drones/robotics further in the multi-billion-dollar 5G and IoT markets.

By 2026, nearly 3.5 billion 5G subscriptions and up to 27 billion IoT connections are forecasted to be in operation. This rapid digital transformation into 5G and IoT technology forces service providers and deployers to rapidly scale to meet demand.  The Fortress Solutions offerings provide operational outsource services (critical support and deployment functions) to 5G and IoT service providers and deployers to meet this demand.

Fortress Solutions leverages the company’s deep legacy of custom designed and tailored implementation solutions, to focus on the 5G and IoT marketplace. The Fortress core operational services and software applications facilitate the transition and integration to ‘all things smart’. 

As part of the 5G and IoT Digital Transformation, Fortress Solutions is also supporting services and technology convergence in the areas of EV (Electric Vehicle) charging, 5G Small Cell/WiFi 6, and Drone-in-a-Box (DIB) public infrastructure.  The company predicts that these technologies will continue to converge into common deployments through this upcoming year.

Operational outsource services provided by Fortress Solutions include:

DEPLOYMENT & LOGISTICS. Getting to market is just the first step. Scaling delivery and support is a whole second story. Services include:

  • Reverse RMA Logistics
    • Repair RMA and repair avoidance
    • Clean and screen
    • Inventory Management and Sparing services (4HR, 8HR, next business day)
    • International import and export
  • Forward RMA Logistics
    • Technical preconfiguring/testing
    • Rack-and-stack
    • International distribution
    • Export services (pre-install and encryption export control)

CRITICAL SUPPORT. Ensuring smooth operations and satisfied customers requires technical knowledge and product expertise. Services include:

  • Technical Support
    • 24/7 technical support with dedicated experts
    • Tier 1, Tier 2, Tier 3
    • Robust, real-time KPI reporting
  • Field Support
    • Installation support
    • Smart hands (on-site repair)


  • Reporting
    • Custom real-time reporting on all services
    • Transparent data access and metric reports
  • Network Monitoring
    • End-point discovery and telemetry tracking
    • 24/7 monitoring (US based)
    • Fleet management

Fortress Solutions pairs their diversified capabilities with their engineering intimacy and proven experience to support the growth of their 5G and IoT customers just as they have and will continue to support their legacy telecom customers. 

Whether supporting a provider, deployer or OEM (original equipment manufacturer), Fortress Solutions is guided by three principles: 360-degree support, exhaustive diligence, and complete reporting transparency. With cross-industry expertise, domestic and international experience, a focus on root cause analytics, and the unmatched depth and clarity of tracking and reporting – customers are provided with the necessities to expand their potential. 

Brendon Mills, CEO of Fortress Solutions stated,

“Our evolution into Digital Transformation, 5G and IoT services enables us to not only provide support to new customers but to further assist our current customers with all their deployment and critical support needs. Customers are rapidly pivoting to 5G and IoT technologies and we are already servicing these technologies well ahead of our announcement today.”

Expand what’s possible with Fortress Solutions. The expertise to transform the digital future. 

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