Fortress UAV Live from the Commerical UAV 2020 Show

Fortress UAV Live from the Commerical UAV 2020 Show

Much like most other tradeshows, Commercial UAV Expo (CUAV) went digital in the wake of COVID-19. While not the format intended, CUAV made sure attendees felt welcome, were engaged and more importantly, ready to network.

Fortress UAV & ReadyH2 were both proud and excited to have been asked by their partner Doosan Mobility Innovations (DMI) to speak during a Partner segment from their virtual booth!

The presentation key points touched base on Fortress UAV and ReadyH2’s partnership with DMI. How Fortress UAV provides key technical and repair support to DMI’s hydrogen-powered drone solutions and how ReadyH2 has created a network of hydrogen refueling and delivery solutions.

Brendon Mills, CEO of Fortress UAV & ReadyH2 also touched on the real-world applications for DMI’s drone technology, such as survey & mapping, agriculture, and public safety measures.

To view the full presentation, please watch the video below!

For questions regarding DMI’s drone technology, please reach out to Morgan Brown.



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