The Complete Transition Solution

Media technology is in influx today. Carriers are constantly asking themselves how they should manage the transition from existing broadcast technologies to the latest software-defined networks and IP connectivity.

This is where we step in. Relying on our extensive telecommunication technology transition experience, we have the knowledge and skillset to help media carriers make the strategic switch how they want and when they want.

We give media carriers the control by providing unparalleled service and support to their existing equipment while they embark on the transition at their own comfortability, via their own route, and at their own pace.

Request a quote today to see how Fortress can provide you the stability you need now and the reliability for future change.


  • Complete Inventory Management Backed by human support with project management, meetings and more
  • User-Friendly Web Portal Self-service web portal with real-time access to inventory plus order placement and reporting
  • Automatic Notifications Receive auto-notifications for shipment tracking, reminders and inventory min/max alerts
  • Fortress Reach Over 65 forward stocking locations (FSLs)
  • Failure Analysis Detailed reports on hardware failure analysis available online
  • In-depth Reporting Response time reporting on all process and procedures
  • Powerful Diagnostic Tools Diagnostic, burn-in and re-certification testing and performance results online


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